The mission of R. L. Productions is to create an exciting and powerful mix of motion, music and marketing. The company has created a multitude of entertainment opportunities for people who love Jazz, Rock, Rap and R&B music. Its goal is to provide an atmosphere of music appreciation through clients performing in a variety of genres at the highest levels.

R. L. Productions is a Cleveland-based artist development, management and booking agency. According to founder, Ron Lee, “The music industry needs leadership in the right direction. It needs to remember how to capture that fanbase from back in the day.” With experience that goes back to the Jackson 5 group, Ron is at the forefront of an emerging influence on the American music scene. R. L. Productions is setting a new standard for artist development, giving both young and established artists the opportunity to entertain their admiring fans.


We believe today’s musical artists tell important stories to which young people in the neighborhoods will listen and relate. Through R. L Productions, artists are challenged to bring creative expressions that bring people of all colors and creeds closer together.


R. L. Productions started in the early years of this century by showcasing local Cleveland talent and developing that talent in positive ways. Because of the positive nature of the performing arts, the inspiration that our musical clients bring to their fans includes both lively music and poetic expression.


Ron Lee



Living next door to Catherine Jackson’s sister, Ron Lee grew up around the Jackson family and was inspired to become a musician.  As a bass guitar player, he was a regular on the road opening for such acts as Tower of Power and the Dazz Band during the ‘70s.


Ron prides himself on putting personal care into each artist or company that enlists his expertise.  Ron refuses to join the masses who believe that one good single is better than a great album.  Because of his willingness to help artists strive for career success and not just be a one-hit-wonder, R. L. Productions is positioning itself as one of the few musical career builders in the modern world.






Young contemporary artists, according to Ron, need his knowledge of the industry and he tries to teach them the ins and outs, the pitfalls as well as the road to success.  He sees his role as that of imparting his knowledge from “back in the day” to today’s youth, stressing a focus on quality in the music. For Ron, it is the highway that nurtured the greats of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s.  The road was their proving ground, the territory where they honed their skills, developed their unique perfection and learned about life.  Yet, the highway, as well as the music industry has a number of pitfalls that must be resisted if the end result is to be a lasting success and a historical progression. Ron is the engineer of success in the music industry.


Existing clients include:


R&B (Rhythm and Blues)


The Temptations featuring. Dennis Edwards

Freddie Jackson

Bootsy Collins Rubber band

Howard Howette

Glen Jones

Michael Henderson and Rena Scott

Sly Slick and the Wicked

Melissa Morgan

The Dramatics featuring Willie Ford

The Emotions



Funk Bands


Dazz Band

Midnight Star

Taste of Honey


George Clinton



SOS Band


Hip Hop


Big Daddy Kane

Jagged Edge

Tone Loc


Ja Rule

Slick Rick





Melba Moore

Andre Ward


Nancy Redd

Rob White



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